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  • Troubleshooting Industrial and Food Process Issues

  • Solutions to ALL your water and wastewater concerns

  • Full Service Calibration and Repair of Instrumentation for all your industrial process needs.

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In-Field Service
& Troubleshooting

We come to your location and work on EVERYTHING; not just Honeywell, Partlow, Anderson, Taylor, Burkert, Siemens, Endress Hauser, Pyromation, Miltronics, ABB,
HART, FIELD-bus, and MOD-bus Communications protocal Systems,

With over 20 years of experience in the world of Industrial process and design, we are uniquely equipped to handle any and all issues related to your Instrumentation needs.

24 Hour Emergency troubleshooting services provided

Number One in Florida for customer satisfaction in Troubleshooting process and Production Issues.

Our reputation is built on Troubleshooting process and production issues in minutes after factory tech and other service providers have failed to solve the issue in days. Which is given as a history of excellence at BK Instrumentation Calibration Services

If Your Plant has been down for one hour, or for days, we are legendary for solving problems & returning plant to operational status.

Owner Brian Killingsworth is legendary in the industrial heartland of Florida for troubleshooting and solving problems related to Industrial design, Commercial food and dairy process, and any Industrial Process operations. Instrument control panel With scheduled calibration service we ensure that your quality control standards are met and that any maintenance or repair issues are dealt with before they cause havoc to your production schedule. In Summary we stop small problems from becoming bigger ones.

Free Tylenol with every estimate

Free Tylenol with every estimate.

Calibration Standards Laboratory

Providing NIST Traceable calibrations in:

  • Pressure; -14.7 to 10,000 psi
  • Temperature; No Limits - Absolute zero to thermonuculear meltdown
  • IR Calibration Ambient to 972 F. - True IR emmissivity calibrations
  • Electrical; Multimeter clamp-ons, panel meters
  • Liquid Flow Meters
  • Torque; 10 inch Pounds in/lbs to 250 ft/lbs foot pounds
  • PH conductivity
  • Tachometers
  • Hardness testers
  • Dimensial; Calipers, height guages, micrometers, depth micrometer, Dial indicators, Pin Guages, Balances
  • Custom or products with combinations of functions; special ranges, ratings or accuracies.
  • Replacement for discontinued models from other manufacturers.
  • Compliant with ISO-9001, ISO-10012, ANSI Z540-1-1994, and MIL-STD-45662A.
  • GPIB real time process control system and applications.
  • National Stock Numbers are available for applicable models.
  • Special Applications and Custom Engineering readily available

Experienced in the Calibration and Repair of Instruments in accordance with NIST Standards. We Service, Repair, and Replace devices related to:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • PH and chemical
  • RTD Simulators
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Stroboscopes
  • Micro-Ohmmeters
  • Megohmmeters
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Voltage and Current Sources

BK Instrumentation Calibration service

Our List of satisfied Customers Includes:

  • U. S. Coast Guard
  • Hendry Corporation
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Florida Food Products
  • Firmenich
  • Blue Lake Citrus
  • Indian River Transport
  • Borden
  • Whitlock Packing
  • Peace River Citrus
  • Southeast Dairy Products
  • Hardee County water wastewater treatment plant
  • Mancini Packing
  • Cutrale Cogen, Aburndale, FL
  • Cutrale Cogen, Leesburg, FL
  • Harvest Bio-Energy Plant, Orlando, FL

Founder Brian Killingsworth is an Electrical Engineer, born and raised in Polk County Florida. His diverse background working with all manners of Industrial Process Controls, in all size companies has allowed him to see how the careful exacting application of best practice and procedures, holding to a standard of perfection can impact businesses of all sizes. He is the founder of BKICS, inc. Legendary in the industrial heartland of Florida.for solving issues with control instrument and Industrial process. His references include satisfied customers from the Islands of the Caribbean to Nashville Tennessee.
See our Portfolio of satisfied clients.

Marine Instrument Calibration Services

20 Years experience Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Marine, and Commercial Instrumentation Calibration Applications:

We pride ourselves in reaching your goals as efficiently as possible. Our Experience is what you need on your team to resolve issues related to Process Instrumentation Calibration.